Product Spotlight

Authentic vs. Counterfeit products

Your skin deserves safe, effective formulations. Ensure your Skinceuticals products are always authentic. The risk of using fake products includes: interference with procedures, allergic reactions, adverse reactions such as infection, rash and erythema.    


  • Safe
  • Fresh
  • Effective for its intended use
  • Formulated with the finest, high-quality ingredients
  • Proven scientific-quality ingredients with proven scientific results
  • Manufactured and packaged under highly regulated conditions
  • Tested under strict safety parameters


  • Fake
  • Diluted formulations
  • Improperly stored
  • Exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Missing key ingredients and safety testing
  • Manufactured and packaged without any safety and quality assurance
  • Unsafe (harmful) to use
  • Unwarranted