Don't be afraid to show off your toes! Try one of our pedicure services and you'll have smooth, beautiful feet you can be proud of.

Mini-Pedicure $43.00

A mini pedicure is a pedicure that focuses mainly on the toes. It is designed mainly for toenail maintenance between regular pedicure visits and includes a soak, nail shaping and polish.

Pedicure $63.00

It begins with a soothing foot soak in the hydrotherapy spa, followed by nail trimming, an exfoliating massage and moisturizing from toes to knees. Your pedicure concludes with the perfect polish application in the color of your choice.

Your pedicure is finished in a neutral color and white polish is applied to nail tips for an understated, classic look.

Spa Pedicure $72.00

During this service, your nails will be trimmed, filed and buffed. Your ​​​cuticles will be pushed back and trimmed, and any callused areas on your ​​​toes and bottoms of your feet will be completely smoothed. This is followed by an exfoliating scrub, hot ​​​towel wrap and a massage on your legs from the knee down. It’s all finished off with a nail polish in your choice of color.

Nails are prepped in the same manner as a basic pedicure. Shellac is a hybrid of half nail polish, half gel. It’s thin and strong enough to be applied in thin coats on your natural nail with a neutral color and white polish applied to nail tips. Then, they are cured under a UV lamp for a brief time between every coat. Shellac has great flexibility and durability and typically lasts for two weeks without chipping or peeling.

A soothing paraffin treatment may be added to enhance any nail service. It is a very hydrating treatment that seals in the moisture applied during your pedicure and also stimulates new cell growth.